Greenfield understands the importance of working with local leadership in our Local Government programmes to breathe life into policy frameworks, Integrated Development Plans and applicable Municipal Systems, Structures and Finance Aids.

We have experience in assisting diverse clients with systems and controls to improve organizational success.

Greenfield identifies with the vision for Local Government "To be Responsive, Efficient & Effective".


Greenfield has full SETA accreditation and the necessary capacity to implement a wide range of courses.

The foundation of our training capability is a team of expert facilitators presenting relevant material in local languages. Assessment, moderation and SETA verification are conducted in-house and are carefully aligned to best practice guidelines.

Greenfield provides numerous courses. Most popular include: Community Home Based Care, Computer Literacy, Support group for people living with HIV & AIDS and TB.

Greenfield implements interactive entrance and exit surveys that constantly improve the quality of our courses. In the words of one of our Computer Literacy learners "You have involved me and I have learned".

Other courses offered by Greenfield include:

Event Management, Reporting, HIV in the Workplace, Professional Reception Management, Project Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Assessor Training and Moderator Training.


Service delivery has the best chance of sustainability and success if it is well planned and the existing environment well understood.

Greenfield has worked with a wide range of clients to conduct structured analysis to guide service delivery planning.

Our fieldworkers have extensive local insight, are conversant in local languages and have received the necessary training to implement the appropriate research methodology.


Greenfield knows that organisational well-being is not achieved without balancing systems and process issues with human factors. We understand that to neglect these invisible drivers of success is to neglect the health of the hospital.

Greenfield understands which levers help hospitals move forward.

The integrating methodology we utilize draws upon individual, organisational and whole systems perspectives.

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." - Nelson Mandela.



Greenfield works with world class innovators to deliver unique service-enhancing technology, such as Elecronic Treatment Adherence Strategy.


Technology has revolutionised the way in which we communicate. In particular, young people access and share information in new and innovative ways that embrace the power of modern information communication technology. The Greenfield eGateway concept embraces this opportunity to revolutionise the manner in which government utilises ubiquitous communication technology to grow a meaningful relationship with citizens.


Modern ICT in healthcare is developing at a steady rate. Success depends on dealing with a range of complex technical issues and being able to change the way that healthcare teams and organisations work together.

The challenges are considerable, the benefits in quality, access and efficiency are unobtainable in other ways, and transcend across patients, communities, health workers, health organisations and government. We have an international team with people who have dealt successfully with these over many years and have built up a sound research base to guide their work. With this knowledge, they can support policy makers and programme managers through their eHealth pathways.